Unique leasing program for natural and legal persons in the car market of Croatia!

About us

Since its inception in 2016, Auto Lux has been continuously
engaged in the import of used cars and machines tailored to the
wishes and expectations of customers who have sold over 900
units in the past business. The mission and the priority of doing
business is the quality of service and customer satisfaction that
are loyal customers and are the best acknowledgment for successful business.

We are affiliated with the largest European suppliers of used vehicles and machinery, we have fresh information and are familiar with current market trends.
We always have the most interesting vehicles and items
in the offer, often directly from the owners of the vehicle.

Our mission is always to achieve the best possible ratio of the price and quality of the goods we sell. The negotiating power, knowledge
and experience we possess can bring you significant time and money savings when purchasing. In cooperation with leasing companies we are able to offer vehicles and machines with various
financing options.

We import personal vehicles, vans and work machines on request. We deal with well-proven suppliers and we always have a wide range of products, most in the segment of premium vehicles. We always guarantee the mileage of the vehicle with the printout of miles on
the invoice when buying and selling